The Silent Revolution

While world-wide attention was focusing in pro democracy protests in the center of Hong Kong, in the outskirts a group of people was fighting one less likely to have media impact: regaining HK’s food autonomy. Hong Kong has had no policy to promote local production of food since the handover and today relies for a 98% on imports especially from mainland China for its vegetable needs. The few remaining agricultural lands are in their overwhelming majority in the hands of property developers. It’s a trend that will lead Hong Kong to complete dependence for what concerns its food supply. Farmers are trying to resist, creating alternatives against the expansion of property developers with the aim of bringing urban and rural communities together and maintain agriculture alive not only for farmers but for the overall society.

women & mafia 005


Women have always been under-represented in mafia storytelling. Although this has started to change in the last decade, women, especially those from the South of Italy, are still too often portrayed either as silent, passive, never touched by criminal organizations due to a theoretical ‘honour’ code that would imply not hurting them or as lady bosses, more evil than men. Either as saints or as devils, southern Italian women acting within, against and becoming victims of mafia are often represented in stereotyped ways that don’t reflect neither the complexities of criminal organizations capable of combining tradition and adaptation to modernity nor that of a diverse southern Italian society and feminine world for which backwardness and underdevelopment cannot be the anymore the only valid keys to interpretation.





Trash people in the arctic

HA Schult is the first major environmental artist and has been travelling around the world with his collection of trash people since 1996. They have been installed for a week by HA Schult and native helpers on the not any longer eternal ice of Arctic at Longyerarbyen, one of the most inhabited places. Here, 78º 13′N 15º 33′ E, the trash people tried to resist the -35ºC icy arctic storms from March 14 till March 20, 2011.


24H with Pedro Sanchez

A full day with Spanish Socialist Party candidate Pedro Sánchez, currently party’s secretary, during July 2014 primary elections.


The garbage hotel

Mexican beer brand Corona has launched the first hotel made completely out of garbage, created by German artist HA Schult has been installed in Rome and Madrid. Trash was collected from beaches throughout Europe to build the Corona Save the Beach Hotel. The structure consists of five rooms and a reception desk. It’s constructed from the clutter (12 tons) collected along Europe’s polluted beaches, in a motion to raise awareness of throw-away culture and mounting pollution. The Save the Beach hotel was launched by supermodels Helena Christensen and Eugenia Silva.

Barcelona, 30/05/2014 Primavera Sound. Foto: Gianluca Battista



Sa SartigliaFoto: Gianluca Battista


Masked riders wearing Sardinian and Spanish traditional dresses try, one at a time and galloping, to string with a sword a star hanging by a green ribbon taut in front of the town’s cathedral. The farmers’ and the artisans’ corporations, compete for the following years’ best harvest, which will go to the one catching the greatest number of stars. During the race to the ring around 80 horsemen, follow one another at the sound of trumpets and drums while the town’s people, never as united as in this event, follow carefully their running to see who will make it in the strenuous deed. The event closes with ‘le pariglie’, acrobatic performances generally carried out by three horsemen and women at a time.


The City of Fear: prevention and repression

In situations of insecurity, when society falls prey to fear, it is more appreciative of resounding repressive action than of reflection on the causes of conflicts.



Buenafuente, the referral program in the late night Spanish television, says goodbye to the audience after four successful seasons in laSexta channel.

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